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Episode 8 : Vision Based Leadership: The Secret to Leadership Success

Scott DiGiammarino talks about his favorite topic “Leadership”. What does great leaders do versus poor leaders do? Scott DiGiammarinno learned a model, a long time ago, called the Vision Based Leadership Model. It’s all about analyzing yourself and the way you actually lead. So if you’re leading a group of people or if you’re teaching a class and if you’re training people or you’re coaching people up, think about two different worlds. The first world is called Vision Based Leadership. And then the second world is called Approval Oriented Leadership.

Think about the type of leader you are and the type of leader you’d like to become. Think of the type of leader you actually like to potentially work for or the one you’d run through wall for. Let’s start with the thing called being a conflict proficient. Vision Based Leaders, the best leaders that are out there, love conflict and they seek it out. For example, if you say that you’re going to do XYZ by next Tuesday at nine o’clock but you don’t do it, Vision Based Leaders will come right at you. And they’ll say, “Dude, you said you’re going to do this. It’s Tuesday, nine o’clock. What happened? What’s the deal?” This is not okay, Scott said. On the other hand, Approval Oriented Leader will just let it slide. They are called conflict avoidant. They don’t like conflict at all. And what ends up happening from an accountability standpoint, people that are conflict proficient, really run a tighter ship than people that are conflict avoidant. 


Proactive Vs Reactive


Vision Based Leaders are what they call proactive in nature, they are looking for things they will take risks, they’re constantly thinking at four o’clock in the morning, waking up out of bed, and thinking about a new thing that they could do to help drive their agenda. On the flip side, Approval Oriented Leaders are more reactive in nature, they let things come to them. This is not good. Because proactive people are willing to take risks. They are creative, innovative and constantly thinking versus doing nothing, which is the approval oriented would actually do.

Correct Vs Appease

The third piece that separates the Vision Based Leader from the Approval Oriented Leader, the Vision Based Leadership makes the right choice. They do the right thing, regardless of the consequences. They have a set of principles and values that they adhere to at all points in times. Their level of integrity is through the roof, which essentially is they’ll do what they say when they say they’re going to do it by. Versus, an Approval Leader or what they call the appease people. Appease people, which we are all guilty of, is the type of leader who wants to tell people the kind of what they want to hear. They don’t hold anybody accountable. Their whole job in life is to make everybody happy and everybody comfortable, which again, in a long term, for leaders who are building a big organization, that’s the worst type of leadership they can have. 


Directionally Focused Vs Constant Unplanned Change

And lastly, Vision Based Leaders are directionally focused. Which means, they pick a path, they pick a strategy, and they stick to it. They may tweak here and there but they’re not doing an about face every month. Approval Oriented Leaders, on the other hand, have what they call constant unplanned change. They will say, “We’re heading to this direction” then suddenly changes their mind. “Oh, just kidding. You really thought I meant when I said that strategy of the organization?” And that dorks everybody up. So we’ve seen this all over the place where leaders are constantly changing their mind, and that affect the entire organization. 


Vision Based Leaders are conflict efficient and proactive in nature. They always do the right thing or seem to do the right thing and they are directionally focused. Approval Oriented Leader are conflict avoidant, and they’re reactive in nature. They love to appease other people and a constantly changing stuff. So think about who you are today, who you’d like to become and who you’d like to work for. And in Scott’s experience, he shares with you that Vision Based Leaders always – always get results. 

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