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Episode 7 : The Inspirational Story of JJ

We all love inspirational short stories. Those true inspirational stories that we’ll repeat over and over again and will stick in our heads that we’d never forget and would tell our friends about. On this episode of Inspirational Motivational Leadership, Scott shares his personal inspirational story about a girl named, JJ. It started when his children were about 6 to 8 years old that he used to coach the girls’ soccer team, even though he never played soccer. He has no idea what he was doing but they actually had a pretty good team that they even finished second place and went to playoffs. They even got into the championship game. 

Scott shares what was cool about it was the short field with small little nets and this one player in their team named, JJ. Scott added, that JJ was one of the coolest people you ever want to meet in your life. He described her as spunky, personable, and has a beautiful smile. He said that, JJ worked really hard but she wasn’t the greatest among the players. She only wanted to play goalie and didn’t want to be put in anywhere else but the net. During a gate championship game, they were already winning one on nothing and got 30 seconds to go. As the opponent kicks the ball from their end, the ball kept rolling over to JJ. Scott clearly describe JJ’s posture that moment, she was wearing these goalie gloves all the way down her elbows, that she has this knee pads on, she’s got a shirt all the way down her ankles. She’s got her hands up standing in the right stance. And everyone was holding their collective breath as the ball kept rolling towards her, it rolled right between her legs and it tied the score up. They could hear this collective moan from the audience and from the players. Though they really didn’t think much of it but JJ got incredibly emotional, started crying and couldn’t stop. 

When the regulation was over Scott called over his team, and JJ can’t stop crying because she felt as though she let the entire team down. So the rest of the little girls put their arms together, got around JJ and started chanting her name. Her tears started to go away and she was getting really excited about the attention she was getting. Stats was on overtime and they did penalty kicks. Each team would get five kicks each side and whoever got the most goals after, wins the championship. They were going back and forth and they tied again four to four. They kicked for their fifth and final shot and make it, they are now winning five to four. If the girl on the opposite team kicks and JJ makes the save, then they would win the championship. It was thrilling, Scott narrates, as JJ is on net and this other girl is about 12 feet from her as she is winding up to boom the ball into the net. And JJ started to get extremely nervous because this was the championship game. All of a sudden, all the girls all of her teammates start chanting her name again. This time the parents start joining in, both parents on both teams started joining in. The girl on the other team who probably was their best player winds up to kick the ball. JJ is ready for it. The ball goes wide right that it wasn’t even close to the goal. And the funny part was JJ didn’t move a muscle. The team and the parents went storming in the field. They picked JJ up, put her on their shoulders, as if she just won the Olympic gold medal. Scott shares, as he recalls everything, that it was just one of those unbelievable moments. “You just can’t make this stuff up, right?” He exclaimed. Ten years later, Scott said he got a phone call out of the blue from JJ’s mother. They caught up a little bit and the mother told him that JJ just made the girls All-star team as a goalie. Not only on the girls High School All-star team but the overall District High School All-star team. Scott was astonished. And the mother told him that JJ never forgot the serenading of her name on that championship game.

You Can Make an Incredible Difference in People’s Lives

Scott’s reason for bringing that story up is for the leaders to know that they can make an incredible difference in people’s lives. He said that we have a lot of different options about how we handle those people who are feeling down and feeling out or those who have a lot of uncertainty. Scott believe that being positive and doing the right thing can help people get to a place that they never thought they could. Just like how the story of JJ ended up, with the help of her teammates and the way that they led her, especially through tough times. 


So if you ask yourself, “How do I motivate other people?” It’s through great storytelling like the JJ story.

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