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Here’s another great episode of Inspirational Motivational Leadership. Scott DiGiammmarino, the host, shares that one of the questions that they get asked all the time from leaders, especially Sales Leaders, is how to look for the right candidate? What should they look for when interviewing?

Looking back to the days at the American Express, Scott mentions that they would interview 1000 people and would always ask one question. They would ask the candidates a scenario that if the people that knew them best were in a room right now and would be ask a question on what are the five adjectives that describe the candidate. And the candidate could not say anything. What would those five adjectives be? Scott said, they should look for the 5 D’s (Drive, Determination, Discipline, Desire, and the ability to make great principal based decisions in the face of adversity) in looking for the right candidate.


Scott went through each of the five. First is Drive, Scott says that people who are driven are historically very focus and goal oriented. They know exactly what they want and they’re not going to give up until they can actually get it. 




The second one is Determination, so this is about grit. These are the types of people that will fight through anything. You then follow up the candidate whit this question when interviewing, “Tell me about a time that you showed a tremendous amount of determination about the situation, the task, the action you took, and what the result was?” said Scott. This is called the star technique of interviewing situation, “Task, Action, Results.” 


Third is Desire. This is all about painting a vivid picture of what you actually want. So whether it’s personal or professional, the more vivid you can make that picture, the more apt you are to think about it at four o’clock in the morning and wake up wanting to actually go because you have a desire to get there. 



Discipline is all about sticking with the plan, and maintaining focus no matter what’s actually happening. 


Finally, the 5th D is the ability to make great principle based decisions, not only when you’re alone, but also in the face of adversity. This is making decisions that are in alignment with the plan, following through and not trying to be all things to all people. 

Scott said that it used to have 6D’s, and the sixth one used to be Direction. And what that’s all about is, “Are you coachable? Will you take direction?” Scott emphasize these to the Leaders who are listening that these 5D’s or 6D’s are actually teachable. Scott strongly believe and forehand seen it, that great leadership can help people with these 5 D’s. Scott laid examples. First is when you think about your drive, this is all about leaders helping you identify specific goals. And determination is moving others so that they can be more determined such as bringing in the best motivational speakers; the best speakers in the world or a pretty good encouraging quotes, inspirational story, or showing a motivational movie clip. Doing whatever you can to motivate people to keep them going. And going back to desire. This is where the leader could help you paint that vivid picture of what your actual goal is, like what you really want to do to the point where it’s so clear that the leader can actually respond back saying, “Let me walk you through what I think I heard you just say.” Scott continues. In terms of discipline, it is making sure that you stick to the plan and enabling you to make those principal based decisions, especially when you’re by yourself. 

Scott reminded his listeners that leadership is really all about helping people get what they want, staying focus and helping them through adversity no matter what happens in the end. This episode talks about a great example of how leadership can truly matter. And hopefully, helps you find the right candidates to rock the party. 

Structure and communicate the values of your organization, define them, not only do you do integrity and character.

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