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In this episode of Inspirational Motivational Leadership, the host, Scott DiGiamarrino is going to talk about bouncing back using an inspirational movie clip. In his introduction of the movie clip he said, “Everyone gets hit down once in a while, but someone’s ability to be able to bounce back is what makes all the difference in the world between success and failure.” 

Scott  shows a movie clip about the Seabiscuit Movie. It’s a story about this undersize broken down old depression area racehorse who fights incredible odds to lift the spirits of a nation. Scott wants the listeners to listen to Jeff Bridges speech in the movie clip about what options you have when you get knocked down. 

Key to Success and Failure

The line of the Jeff Bridges’ winning speech in this movie says, “We appreciate it. I’m sure the biscuit appreciates it too. It’s just a little shy about speaking in public, himself. I guess you all are here today because this is a horse who won’t give up. Even when life beats him by a nose. Everybody loses a couple and you either pack up and you go home or you keep fighting. That’s right. You want to see your match rate.” 

 “When times get tough, you either put your tail between the legs, you go home or you keep on fighting. I know exactly the decision you will make. Enjoy.” – Scott


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