Communication as an effective leadership trait with Kerri Boyles

Episode 4 : Be More Positive Through Transparency

In this forth episode, Scott DiGiammarino, talked about how to be a more positive inspirational motivational leader through the value of being transparent with the people that you work with. He shared that growing up at American Express is very much a leader centric organization. They were great at identifying, developing and promoting leaders throughout the organization. Great at sharing best practices, finding cutting edge systems and processes and ideas about how to make people more effective. 

The host, Scott DiGiammarino, share his experience during a meeting about the value of being transparent and vulnerable with the people that report to you. That there are two ways to give feedback. One is you can hit someone between the eyeballs, figuratively and second is to “couch” the message. He then explains both by examples. He said, there are some people out there needs to get a feedback. By hitting someone between eyeballs for example “You say, Scott, this podcast sucks” “Or Scott, you’re not hitting your numbers. Or Scott, What’s your deal this week?” right between the eyeballs. Then there are some people that like to be couched. Scott further explains couching in a process of saying something good then hit the issue in the middle, and then telling something good at the end. 


Value of Being Transparent and Vulnerable


Scott personally opts couching himself. He shared that there this one day, when he was running a meeting and had about 2000 people in front of them. He decided to take a risk and said, “Listen, I’m going to share with everybody how I tick and how I like to receive feedback.”” Do me a favor”, He said. “Tell me something good to start, then hit me in the middle, don’t go on and on and on. But keep all the bad things, at one or two. And then finally talk about how together, we can actually work our way out of that what the action step will be.” Scott furthermore shared a personal experience with his old CO named Mark, who walked into his office and asks if they could talk. Mark would always start when he had to deliver a tough message to Scott by saying, “I love your tie today.” And they’d laugh a little bit about it. And that was his version of telling Scott something good. And then he would hit Scott in the middle with a message and then they’d come out of the other way. Scott shares that the entire organization knew, because he was transparent and was vulnerable, that it was the best way to get their message across to Scott. 


Scott wants the leaders out there listening, to ask their members about how they would like their messages to be conveyed. Are they, between the eyeballs person? Or do they like to be couched? Scott mentions that his job whenever he was to give feedback to people was to position it in the way that they liked it. Because if he does that, he would gain their respect and trust. It would show that he listened and the relationship becomes much more effective over time. Really simple and easy to do, as Scott describes it. It is actionable tomorrow, today, and in two seconds. 


It is all about being vulnerable, sharing a little bit about yourself, understanding how other people like their messages be given and then execute them. 


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