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In this podcast, you’ll be inspired as your host, recognized as Leader of the Decade by American Express, Scott DiGiammarino will interview other leaders who believe in the power of human capital and who will tell their stories about how not only they were inspired and motivated to do great things, about the methodologies about how they helped others; about how they motivated inspired others so you too, can learn how to engage with your employees, motivate to increase productivity.  You’ll learn some incredible best practices of how today’s great leaders are connected with their people and they connected their people to do great things.

Scott will share best practices, implementable action steps that you can do to make a difference in people lives. Learn how to engage, motivate and inspire your people, especially in a decentralized world or remote world. 

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Meet Your Host – Scott DiGiammarino

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After 25 years as an award-winning executive at American Express I’ve learned and grown to believe in a few things:

  • I believe that creativity, inspiration and engagement are needed to change the world.
  • I believe that the impact of storytelling and short video can help people do the impossible.
  • I have a deep belief in human potential and that there’s greatness in everyone.
  • I believe that the next generation can and will be the best ever…just a matter of time.

Our mission is aligned with yours…to help people maximize their real potential.

Welcome to the communications revolution and I hope you enjoy the show!

Leadership Truly Matters

At the heart of MovieComm is a set of beliefs that we embrace. We believe there is greatness in everyone. We believe that leadership truly matters and it is imperative to help people tap into their potential. We believe that creativity, inspiration, and engagement are needed to help today’s leaders connect. We believe that the impact of storytelling through short video can help people do the impossible.

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